Step 1 Contact us:

For more information or a visit to the center closest to you.

Step 2 Find the box that fits your needs:

After having inventoried with the objects to put away, the adviser will estimate the size of the adequate box and will communicate to you the price

He will explain the rental principles, the required supporting documents and the insurance conditions required to subscribe to the contract.

Step 3 Store your belongings safely:

We provide free forklift trucks to transport your belongings.

Moving supplies (cardboard, tights, bubble wrap ...) are also available for sale at preferential rates.

Each box rented will be equipped with a lock of which you will be the only one to keep the keys. The center is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Step 4 Access your business whenever you want:

The BOX VILLAGE sites offers access 7 days a week and unlimited. Each tenant will have his personalized code allowing him to access his box, at his best convenience.

Our prices

3m³ - 6m³ ..... 79€

7m³ - 9m³ ..... 90€

10m³ - 14m³ ..... 100€

15m³ - 17m³ ..... 125€

18m³ - 22m³ ..... 150€

23m³ - 29m³ ..... 195€

30m³ - 110m³ ..... Price upon request

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*Offer valid on private boxes until June 30, 2019